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Got Stuff ?

    One thing about all of us builders... we collect STUFF!  And even though it might not be as needed as when we first aquired it, you can be sure someone else out there needs that exact thing.

    List it and sell it here!  Contact Tom Richardson at with descriptions and pictures and we'll post it online.


Pietenpol Air Camper Project - For Sale

Pietenpol Air Camper Project
Fuselage on gear - Rudder Petals and stick mounted.
Tail Feathers complete except for cover and paint.
All wing ribs included with spars - not installed.
Cabane struts and lots of fittings complete.
Corvair engine complete with new intake manifold, exhaust pipes, and prop hub.
Engine has 20 plus hours on break in stand.

Asking $2500
Project belongs to Sam Garvin

Bobby Paulk
Cell Phone 904 655-6039


This SC-1 has an open cockpit of 24", a 4 point harness, wing area-120sqft, cord is

42", wing gap 36", height 5'6", I have all records, all material receipts, 5 photo albums of construction of aircraft, all log books,

plans, extra hardware, instruments are falcon, PTO r/d is 206-5-v, wing panels detach if needed, 60 hp J Bird engine, 25.7 hrs on engine and airframe, 72x30 pitch Culver prop, 6 gal fisher tank, length 146', 18' wing span, Reg: N2404J, Ser#252 
I  also have a  video of aircraft running •      price  $15,900.00   Contact Doug  Burnette, Owner located - St Johns, FL USA •

Telephone: (904) 813-9264 .                                  Posted 6/11/13


One quarter share available in my Cherokee 180

There is a quarter share available in my Cherokee 180. If anyone is interested they can get in touch with me and I'll give them the details.



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